Who I Am

My name is Diogo Costa, freelance Software Developer from the UK.

Experienced Software Developer with a proven track record and expert knowledge of developing software using Waterfall and Agile methodologies. Worked with programming and scripting languages such as Python, Java, C# and PHP. Experience in developing for the Web (front-end and back-end), Windows and Android.

Python & Flask 90%

C# & Java 75%

HTML, CSS & JavaScript 60%

Android 50%

PHP & Laravel 45%

What I Do

Android Development

Developed mobile apps to the Android operating system and mobile devices. Used Firebase and HTTP requests for communicating with APIs and databases. Experience in using Google's OAUTH authetation and asynchronous and web scraping tasks.

Software Development

Worked in many projects as a Software Developer. Have experienced all the process of the software development life cycle and worked in both agile and waterfall environments.

Web Development

Worked in many projects involving delivering services to the web. Experience in both front-end and back-end. Worked with Google APIs and many others.


Knowledgeable on the GCSE and A-level Computer Science syllabus, have taught students programming skills and the software development process.

Project Management

Able to lead teams and help out other fellow programmers with my ability to solve complex issues, and diagnosis/fix issues and bugs with systems and software rapidly.

Game Development

Used the Unity gaming engine to develop some games in my spare time, both 2D and 3D and desktop and mobile.

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